Software Registration

This page allows you to register your purchased software product licenses on computers that can not access the Internet. If the computer on which you installed a software product can access the Internet, it is recommended, but not required, for you to use the registration system directly from the software to connect to the Internet to complete your registration.

To begin here, enter the information below as requested and click on the "Submit" button. All fields are required except the Site License Code if you do not select "Site License" as your License Type. This online registration system will provide you with a registration key that you may use to finalize registration of software on your personal computer. For more information, see the "why register" link.


License Type

Site License Code      Only needed for site license users. All others, leave blank. Click here to get a site license code
User ID
Password -
System ID
Action Register Software     Unregister Software


This is the name of the software you wish to register.
License Type 
You decide how to license your software upon registration.

Single User

Single user on up to three (3) different computers owned by that single user.
Single PC Multiple users on a single computer. The correct choice for a student lab computer.

Site License

Multiple users with multiple computers depending on license limits.
Site License
A special code provided to you upon purchase of a site license that allows you to register an unlimited number of copies within your organization.
User ID
This is the User ID you selected to register your copy of the software when you purchased a software license.
This is the password e-mailed to you after you purchased your software.
System ID

This is the numeric value provided to you from the software either from the "About" window accessible from the main menu item: Help->About  {Software Name} or during registration: main menu item Help->Register {Software Name}.

main menu item:
Help->About  {Software Name}
main menu item: Help->Register {Software Name}.



System ID in software About window:


System ID in software Registration Window:


Register an installation of software on a computer.
Unregister Unregister an installation of software on a computer. You may unregister one priorly registered software from only one registered computer every 14 days. This is to avoid abuse of the the registration system.