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Registration Wizard Error: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently.


When using the Registration Wizard, the error appears: HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently.

Products Affected: Biotas, LOAS

Cause: This is caused by our servers now requiring full security protocols for all connections.

History: Some older software products do not have the ability to use a secure connection. To support seamless, direct and within product registration for these products, some gateways were allowed to access our severs without a secure connection. This was changed in 2023. Now all incoming connections must use a secure connection. Using the registration or remote database connection features in these products to servers therefore no longer function directly and will return a 301 error code (this code provides the new secure link, but these products can not use this link).

Solution: To register your copy of these products all users from now on must use the web browser option. To aid in registration with a web browser, do note that the browser used may be on any device, including a cell phone.



Start by opening our online registration available either from the main menu or at the Software page:


The registration page should appear in a new tab:


Enter your data as required. Set the Action to "Register Software" if it is not already set, and Submit. You will be given a Registration Key which you will use in the Biotas or LOAS Registration Wizard in the following steps.

  • Your System ID can be found in the "About" window of each product:

    • ------> 

    • or in the GET KEY ONLINE section of the Registration Wizard:


In the Biotas or LOAS Registration Wizard, select in the REGISTRATION METHOD window, the second option:

  • I want to register using a web browser.


Follow the Wizard, entering your data as requested. When you come to the Registration Wizard page GET KEY ONLINE, enter the key you generated in step (2) below your System ID. And select the Next button to complete registration on your computer.