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Misconception: It will cost too much.

Custom software can be expensive but it need not be. Overall cost depends on any number of features including the needs of the client and the desired complexity of the software. With many software, components may already have been created for other projects and these can be literally dropped into another project, decreasing development time and overall cost. If you need custom data entry forms we have provided an online calculator to give you an estimate of the cost.

Unlike "out of the box" software, custom software does what is designed to do with simplicity for the end user. This actually means custom software can be a more cost effective solution. When hidden costs, such as paying for the learning time of the user, is actually included in the overall software cost, the value of "out of the box" software decreases compared to custom software.

"Out of the box" software also typically comes with either a single copy license (one copy per computer), or a site license for a given number of copies. However, even purchasing a few copies with a site license can quickly sum up to thousands of dollars. Custom software, as an application, is usually owned by you, the client, to do with as you wish, including making and distributing copies to any number of individuals within your company or agency at no additional cost.

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