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Custom Software Design : Shareware Agreement

With a shareware agreement there is no direct cost for the software by the client. Shareware agreements are initiated when the client can not afford a work for hire contract and Ecological Software Solutions LLC believes the client's idea has market potential. 

Ecological Software Solutions LLC will work with the client to develop the software to the client's specifications and will bear all direct costs of software development. Ecological Software Solutions LLC is therefore the sole owner of the software and all components of the software, may recover fees from the sale of the software, and is responsible for maintenance and upgrading the software.  The client does not own the software or any copyrights to the software, and can not redistribute copies, either partial (i.e. beta) or completed versions, to anyone else.  As the conceptual originator, the client will be provided with a free copy, and upgrades, of the software.

While there is no direct cost to the client for software development, a potential client should realize there are indirect costs which may be incurred during the development process. The client is expected to participate with software development in a supporting role that includes, but not limited to:


  • providing software specifications and expectations before development
  • testing software version during development
  • providing reports to Ecological Software Solution regarding issue with the software
  • other support as needed to develop the software to the clients specifications.


Ecological Software Solutions LLC is not responsible for indirect costs incurred by the client.

Any potential client should also be aware that Ecological Software Solutions LLC my use the client's name in conjunction with the software product for marketing and sales purposes. This required marketing permission is strictly limited to the client's product, and a client's name will not be used for marketing any other product. To avoid being included in marketing, the client should use the standard contract option as this is fully confidential.

Ecological Software Solutions LLC will, at its discretion, enter into shareware agreements with individuals, companies, institutions, or government agencies. 

For further information about shareware agreements please contact us.