Privacy Policy

Because the Internet has increasingly become a source of data gathering about you, sometimes without your knowledge, Ecological Software Solutions LLC have made the following resolutions to rebuke this trend.

  1. Your privacy is yours alone and you will not be required to supply information about yourself to browse this web site or download software.
  2. No information you do chose to provide will be given away or sold. This includes your e-mail address if you chose to provide one for contact purposes.
  3. The Ecological Software Solutions LLC web site might set a session ID cookie on your computer depending on the pages you select or forms you submit.
  4. Benign information is gathered by all web servers that is not the direct result of any coding on this web site. This information tells nothing about you directly but, unlike most web sites, we here disclose some of this information here so you are aware of them:
    • Your country of origin
    • Time and date you arrived
    • Pages visited
    • The browser you used
  5. Currently all software is downloaded by HTTP not FTP so your e-mail address is never accessed or sent out as the "anonymous log in name".
  6. If at any time you wish the information you did provide to be deleted or corrected, contact us from the e-mail account you supplied us requesting deletion or correction of this data. You can request a full or partial information deletion/correction. You will receive confirmation of your request at this same e-mail

If you have any questions about this policy please feel to contact us.