MIST Downloads

Please report any problems you have with the download or installation directly by e-mail. Your comments are welcome to improve the software.

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MIST 3 Downloads

MIST Download

Download MIST 3

MIST 3 Installation for Windows. For evaluating and using MIST on a single, personal computer.

Updated June 18, 2013

Firebird database system update for network installations.

Windows users can use this installer to install the Firebird Relational Database System as your default database on Windows.


MIST 2 Downloads

NOTE: MIST 2.x has been placed into long term support as of July 2011.

What this means: No new development or back porting of features will be added to MIST 2.x after this date except under special request. However, we will continue with MIST 2 general support, bug fixes and other maintenance until at least the end of 2013.

MIST Download
MIST GIS and MIST Administrator Installation. For single personal computer installations. Does not come with other MIST programs. (30 MB download)
MIST Download
Important update to fix issues in version 2 release above.