MIST (Management Information System)

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MIST is a unified database management system designed as a full suite of tools and services for conservation, protected area and park management needs. MIST is the most complete, comprehensive, yet easiest to use and learn system in its class. MIST is also free and open source software licensed under the Artistic License 2.0. For these and many other reasons MIST is the high quality, low cost leader you can count on to stretch already tight conservation budgets.

MIST Downloads
Windows installer.

We are in the process of updating this link.

Facts, specs and details you would like to know about MIST. Because what you heard elsewhere about MIST 3 is probably wrong.


We are in the process of updating this link.

For more information about downloading, installing and using MIST 3.

MIST Bug Tracker For reporting bugs in MIST. Requires login. If you are a MIST users, contact us for a login.
MIST White Papers MIST is more than just software. It is a management plan how to implement an effective and efficient protected area conservation information system. The MIST white papers discuss this in detail.
Training Docs Basic training requirements and example training materials.

Older versions

NOTE: MIST 2.x has been placed into long term support as of July 2011.

What this means: No new development or back porting of features will be added to MIST 2.x after this date except under special request. However, we will continue with MIST 2 general support, bug fixes and other maintenance until at least the end of 2013.