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Do I need Custom Software Design?

Not everyone needs custom software and financial resources might be put to better use in other areas.

However, if you do need custom software and you are using "out of box" software that is not correctly suited to your tasks or needs it can result in a net loss of resources both in time and money. Knowing if you need custom software can be difficult. If you answer "Yes" to one or more of the below questions you might need custom software. You can also, at any time, contact us for a free consultation.

Do you have any of the following:

  1. Field Data:
    • Do you want a committed database or data entry program?
    • Do you want a custom app to collect data?
    • Has data been lost when individual data sheets were misplaced or ruined between the field and office?
    • Do others enter the data in the office and can't decipher the field notes (i.e. hand writing) of the field crew resulting in questionable entries?
    • Do members of the field crew fail to enter data into all of the available fields?
  2. Analysis:
    • Do you have a long term project that needs an easy to use and understandable software that performs predetermined, repetitive analysis or data entry on data as it is collected over time?
    • Do you have data, such as spatial or temporal data, and you can't find any satisfactory software to analyze your data?
  3. GIS:
    • Are you interested in observing, manipulating, querying, and analyzing your data within a GIS environment?
  4. Species Databases:
    • Do you have database files containing information on multiple species, their habitats, life history, listing status, geographical occurrences, etc. and need a committed database application that you and others can use to enter data, run queries, and analyze the results?
  5. Education:
    • Are you interested in an interactive software for educational or interpretive purposes?
  6. Management Information
    • Do need a database system that lets you gather and disseminate data and coordinate multiple projects or regions?
    • Do you need a LAN or Internet based database system that lets you disseminate your information to others?

We can help you develop software that solves any of your unique problems and needs.  If your project does not have the funds for software development, you should review our shareware development option to see if you qualify.