Distance Learning

Here you may find tools which enable you to learn from all around the world in your rhythm and to your liking. The distance learning units incorporate modern technology, use available resources and are designed to make learning progresses fit to your and your organization's available time frame.

Plan individually for your individual needs:

You can pick and arrange learning units to your liking, you receive help to plan your learning process, to work with feedback-loops and professional evaluation as you go on learning and practicing. 

Managing learning contents:

Learn how to manage data, how to plan tasks and co-operations, how to report and monitor. Experience how learning contents turn into transparently manageable skills for all parties involved.

Be effective with distance learning:

Today technology allows rich interactive methods of distance learning. Distance learning also increases access to learning opportunities.

For remote assistance consider distance coaching:

We offer as well distance coaching, assistance with planning your individual learning progress, help for management and stake holders to plan learning for entire units, a forum for exchange of experience and communication, feedback and evaluation and reporting toward all interested parties.

Contact us for more information and assistance to plan your learning progress.