Software Evaluation

This page allows you to register software products as evaluation version on computers that can not access the Internet. There is no limit to the number or evaluation copies you may register on computers with the same or different System ID but the System ID on each computer must match the value you enter here. This service stores no information and is fully anonymous.

Enter the information below as requested and click on the "Register" button. This registration system will provide you with a registration key you may use to register software on your personal computer.

System ID


This is the name of the software you wish to register.
System ID

This is the numeric value provided to you from the software either from the "About" window accessible from the main menu item: Help->About  {Software Name} or during registration: main menu item Help->Register {Software Name}.

main menu item:
Help->About  {Software Name}
main menu item: Help->Register {Software Name}.



System ID in software About window:


System ID in software Registration Window: